What Clients are Saying about Kirby Glad

Meeting Parliamentarian

My experience with Kirby Glad as parliamentarian for the first large meeting I chaired was fantastic! Kirby reached out prior to the meeting with multiple videos, suggestions, and a handful of phone calls to ensure my confidence in the process. I am very grateful to him for his organization and expertise. I highly recommend Kirby Glad as a parliamentarian! Kirby’s knowledge and calm demeanor are reassuring during large meetings. Ten out of ten!

Cristy Henshaw,
Utah County Republican Party Chair

Thanks for serving as parliamentarian for our annual conference.  We were very impressed with your level of preparation in becoming familiar with our own bylaws and special rules.  During our conference, you quickly demonstrated keen knowledge of the nuances of our special rules.  As a result, I had great confidence in your advice.  Thanks for making me feel so comfortable.  We would gladly recommend you to any organization needing a professional parliamentarian.

Ben Valdepeña, Association President
California School Employees Association

I can’t tell you enough how valuable you were in our meeting tonight.  You did a masterful job of helping me conduct our HOA meeting.  Without your proficiency and understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order our meeting would have drifted into dangerous waters.  From your subtle persuasions to your outright directions you kept us on track, even covering the little details I hadn’t considered.

Bob Borden. President
Cornerstone Condominium HOA

Kirby has been a gift to our annual assembly for the past 3 years. He accompanies us through the planning process to make sure our agenda is on track with what we are hoping to accomplish, offering feedback along the way. His presence at our meeting allows our leaders to be fully present in the content, without being distracted by wondering if they were following all the proper protocols. He participated fully in the event, even when it meant joining [with the chair] in the silly camp songs! We have already booked him for our 2018 Assembly!

Deacon Erin Power
Assistant to the Bishop for Synodical Life
Rocky Mountain Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Kirby Glad has offered excellent parliamentary guidance and advice during my term of my office as chair. I was a first term chair and he helped guide me through the process, making special care to keep me in step with our bylaws and constitution. He was quick to respond and would carefully help me to understand what needed to be done. I especially appreciated his professional parliamentary guidance during some high stress meetings where he could instantly answer questions so I could successfully chair our meetings. The DCRP chooses Kirby Glad as our parliamentarian!

Teena Horlacher
Chair, DCRP

Kirby Glad has been the parliamentarian for the Rocky Mountain Synod annual Assembly for the past four years. Kirby is very knowledgeable about parliamentary procedure and always helps those of us in leadership positions to ” look good” while conducting our business.

Earline Bohling
Vice President, Rocky Mountain Synod

Professional Presiding Officer

What I witnessed serving with you as the chair of the meeting was a mutual respect between you and the members.  … the  members … were craving respect and a well-run meeting and, you sir, gave them that.  In addition to being completely professional, knowledgeable, managerial, and fair.  I agree with the others who said it was the best run meeting they’d ever been to.  In my 26 years,  it was mine,  too.  

Lisa Shepherd
Secretary, Utah Republican Party

Mr. Glad was hired by our HOA to help officiate our Annual Meeting.  He helped us understand what would be needed to execute our annual meeting. Mr. Glad chaired our meeting with professionalism and confidence. His expertise was greatly appreciated and highly valued, so much so that we plan to ask Mr. Glad to lead our next annual meeting.  

Lennia Machen
President of the Habitat on Trail Creek HOA

Thank you for your expert service in chairing out member meeting.  You have a fair and comfortable style that put all the members at ease, even though there were lots of emotions on the topics being discussed.  Because of your knowledge of the rules, and your ability to explain them to the membership, I’m sure we were able to finish the meeting one or two hours faster!

Jac Knoop
President, Kooikerhondje Club USA

We brought Kirby Glad in to chair a board meeting because we were in need of someone neutral, someone who knew Robert’s Rules of Order and someone who could explain those rules to us. Throughout the meeting I was impressed with Kirby’s level of preparation and his knowledge.

The result? After more than a year of infighting and board meetings that seemed to only deepen existing rifts, Kirby Glad made the difference. He facilitated the board moving forward in a peaceful way.

If your board or your organization is “stuck” – Kirby’s masterful skillset can get you back on course. 

Rachel Coleman
Executive Director, American Society for Deaf Children

Our club is very unique and has certain challenges some may find difficult to control or eliminate. Kirby came in to chair our member meeting and solved a lot of the rough patches faced by our Club.  Would I recommend him to other struggling clubs? Absolutely! He went above and beyond his call of duty in helping us maintain some semblance of peace and taught us many things about meeting management, club bylaws, and Robert’s Rules of Order

Clark Guadette
President, Utah Deaf Campers    


Bylaw Consulting

As a practicing attorney in criminal, civil, administrative, and constitutional law, I appreciate the value of expert advice in something we never covered in law school,  the specialized practice of “parliamentary law”.  As chair of our organization’s bylaws committee we undertook a project to completely reorganize, clarify, and improve our bylaws.  We hired Kirby Glad as a parliamentarian to advise and guide our work.  Kirby’s contribution was exceptional and extremely valuable and saved us dozens of hours of committee work because of the experience, knowledge, and clear writing which he brought to the process.”

Christopher F. Allred


We had asked Kirby to help us as an advisor to the process in correcting many problems in our bylaws.  His help and suggestions were incredibly useful in completing this task.  He advised and gave insight both in language and in process but never put in his personal feelings about an issue.  He was able to give insight that was needed in keeping our focus on the issues without emotions getting in the way.  His help was extremely valuable to us!

Suzanne Ellison Ferre
WCRP Bylaws Committee Member

I worked with Kirby in the summer of 2020, when he advised the Weber County Republican Party bylaw committee,  relating to new bylaw changes. Kirby was very professional, knowledgeable, personable and did not have an agenda, except for helping us to improve our bylaws. I would highly recommend his services. He can help organizations avoid a lot of headache.

Bruce Anderson

Former Weber County Republican Bylaw Committee Chair

As the chair of the bylaws committee for our association, and as a member of the board of directors of that association, I have found Kirby’s assistance and guidance to be most valuable.  He has recommended bylaws that are very helpful to our organization, and is able to transform our ideas and requests into clear and concise bylaw language. With his guidance, we have made important improvements in our governing documents.

Lowell Nelson, Bylaws Committee Chair

Utah Precious Metals Association (UPMA)

Kirby Glad provided us a prompt and thorough review of our political party Rules in time to aid our Assembly. He also provided a [written] opinion, which was outstanding assistance to those less familiar with parliamentary matters. . . .. I couldn’t be happier with his impartial, professional services to support our electors. They deserve the best!! 

Sarah Thomson, Secretary

Bulloch County Republican Party, Georgia