What do you do when you have two competing factions and club politics are making the meetings unpleasant? A professional parliamentarian such as Kirby Glad can help.

One Utah club was newly created by the merger of two small struggling clubs. The members of the original clubs understood Robert’s Rule differently, and this created a clash.

Not knowing how to resolve the situation, some members became belligerent in meetings and all progress ground to a halt. The leadership responded by suspending the “trouble makers” and removing them from the meeting so the club could make progress. The club was divided into those who supported each side. Who was in the right?

The parties agreed to bring in a professional parliamentarian to chair the next club meeting. In this way all the club members knew they could rely on a unbiased expert to run the meeting fairly.

In this case, both sides of the dispute had proceeded improperly. Professional Registered Parliamentarian Kirby Glad was able to run the club meeting, giving a correct example of proper procedures, and also provide some explanation of the correct process for resolving disputes.

Because of what the members learned at the meeting, they we able to resolve many conflicts and come together to focus on the purpose of the club – having fun together!